Successes from Lennox Head

Steve’s personal training success story

Steve’s journey began with his mates bugging him to come down to Fitness Matters as they were getting amazing results.

Steve was working long odd work hours which made him tired and lacking motivation to exercise. The sedentary lifestyle was getting to Steve and that’s when he came into Fitness Matters to start a New Fitness Lifestyle.

Wanting to jump on board with his mates Steve started up and hasn’t looked back. Enlisting the help of Results Guru Johnny (Personal Trainer), Steve has achieved fantastic results himself.

“I’ve lost 5kg and now everyday life is that much easier!”

Steve has a great quote that sums up his new commitment to a healthy fit lifestyle,

“Commitment, motivation, persistence, it’s not about proving myself to other people, it’s about proving myself to myself,”

Steve’s next goals are to get under 90kg and he also says,

“Don’t procrastinate just get into it and seek the advice of staff, they are a fantastic guide!!”

Steve’s thoughts on the road ahead are,

“Not only can I see improvements I can feel them. The encouraging thing is if I keep at it the Sky is the Limit!!

Well Done Steve!!