At Fitness Matters it really concerns us that Australia is now the fattest nation in the world! It also disturbs us that so many other fitness chains out there are more focused on joining people up on long contracts with no focus on customer service or more importantly, results for each individual member.

At Fitness Matters we are very unique – because YOU are what matters! You have the option to complete our 4 week New Member Experience. This gives you the opportunity to check us out, ensure you feel comfortable and make sure we do what we say we will. It also gives us the ability to carefully monitor your individual results and progress under the watchful eye of our world class personal trainers, to ensure at the end of your initial 4 week program you have achieved results and are then recommended the appropriate membership planned based on evidence, not just a “sales person’s opinion”.

Statistics show us that of all people who exercise, only 25% get results. Out of those getting results, 90% of them have a Personal Trainer. It is for this reason Fitness Matters has a strong focus on Results Based Personal Training with affordable membership programs to ensure you get results to live a happy and healthy life.

At Fitness Matters it is our intention to create a happy and healthy world because we are not too big to care. It is our mission to provide Inspiration, Motivation and Support in a Caring environment to ensure every member achieves results.

Our vision here at Fitness Matters is to have 100 boutique style fitness centres located in Australia and New Zealand in the next 10 years and to be recognised for:

  • Excellence in customer service;
  • An outstanding franchise investment;
  • An employer of choice; and
  • A leading corporate citizen that supports the local community.

We look forward to meeting you and making a difference to your health & fitness!